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We are happy to announce an
    afternoon treat on November 20th! 
               We'll be celebrating the   
                       100th year of                     
                             The Woman's Working Band House, 1921.

                                   If you come, I'll tell you why "Woman"  is Singular.   It is not a mistake. 
The Womans Working Band House, 1921

IMrs Annie Lenora Shepard was a leader in Tallahassee one hundred Years ago.  Her name appears as the owner of many properties in Frenchtown, and The history reports that she stood tall beside the Male leaders when she faced the City Commission about moving a cemetery.  She was a member of the Woodmen Of the World and was a Club Woman for sure.  She was one of a handful of African American Women involved in  the Woman's Working Band  movement. And here in Tallahassee She was a leader in the city's Woman's Working Band, and at some point in the early decades of the ownership, her name alone "signed" the deed for the property and the House.  It was with this organization that the House at 648 was conceived.  She helped to raise the money for the land and the construction of the house.  By the way, the house is sitting on half of the property the women purchased.   The lot was divided  to add the other building you see to the West of the House.  And unlike many other cities in America at the time, Mrs. Shepard had a bank account.  It was in Capital City Bank that the donations for the House were deposited.  She must have been a real force. 

She taught at Gum Pond School as well at other locations.

We'll be celebrating 100th Birthday of the House, and we hope you'll join us in a free outdoor porch concert. 

So mark you calendars for

November 20th from

11am - 2pm

Pack your lunch;  bring your beach chairs and come and celebrate with us.  


There will be CAKE!!

A CRA supported Event

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