Great shows from past years. 

These are raw footage videos.  We've captured these special moments for times like these.  ENJOY

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We Shall Overcome

B Sharps 

July 15, 2016

Avis Berry, Leon Anderson, Christ Rochester, Mason Margut and Jake Ricke

 AS a Senior, Alphonso gave a performance that was just incredible.  This particular event was titled Alphonso Horne and Friends.  The Show was really special, and we are so proud to have had this young man in the club during his college days.   This is one of the last performances Alphonso had at B Sharps before his move to NYC.  Note all the stellar musicians on the stage with him. 

One important thing is that I paid a Film Student at FAMU to record this so you'll see a much more professional video.  This young camera man was also a senior, and when I asked him what his plans were he said he'd just accepted a position with ESPN!  WOW!!!  Sorry I do not remember his name.  Maybe he'll see this and send me a note.  

By the way, just this month, 4/2020, Alphonso's performance on the sound track lights up a TED ED Video about Rosa Parks (Click). 

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