We are beginning to book for the FALL

The Centennial
WE are planning for the Celebration of the Woman's Working Band House, turning 100 in November off 2021.
We have already booked our Headline Group and hope to have other musical groups join us when we close the stree down and just have a weekend of celebration of the Women who worked so hard to bring this building to life.
We have a really big surprise will reveal during the campaing to have folks join us for the weekend.

We'll be publishing a booklet to give you some background in Woman's Working Band Organization. this was an national group associated with the American Baptist Home Missionary Society.  It's so important to understand that these women here i n Tallahassee were a part of a national organization and brought some of the most forward thinking actions to the city.  And, not to put to fine a point on it, Historic Preservation allows us to celebrate the efforts of a few good women.  These women had the foresight to include a cornerstone on the building that allowed us to research its founding philosophies.  We are tremenously grateful to these women who made this building possible and all of the memories attached to it.  There names are.

Well , CLick here and take a look at the 1959 Deed that Transferred the Building to the African American Legion Post 205, The Sneed Franklin Post.  

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