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Nonna's Stories

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                                            Nonna's Stories V.1     

* The Magic PlayGround                               * The Red Sock          
* The Adventure of the Haunted Library      * THe Thrush
* Bad Knees                                                   * The Wind
* Sally The Sea Turtle                                    * Toot Man 1

Copyright 2024 by Dr. Geraldine H. Seay                                                 

Nonna's* Stories:  How it all began.

When my grand daughter was little, she asked me to "read" her a story,   

I reached for one of her books.   

She said, "No, Not from a book.   Just TELL me a story."   

I said, "Oh, OK ."   

Clarence had made up a song for her, and we all had a chorus or two.  That song was "Cool in the Shade ;  Hot in the Sun."  The song reflected our Galveston  and Navarre beach trips.   So, I guess she figured telling a story could be possible.  I was not quite that sure.   Advance several years later, I have over thirty some stories.

At this point, I need to thank my friend Adrianne for THE MOST IMPORTANT part of this current project.  When I told "A" I was telling the kids stories, M2 was born by this time.   

She asked me " Are you recording the stories?" 

Whoa..... That made all the difference, and  I thank her Every time we talk!

So that's the thing.  These are stories I made up extemporaneously. So you'll hear the kids asking questions and putting in their two cents from time to time.  You'll note my change in the features of the stories depending on the Kids' responses to the stories.  Most of the stories occurred after dinner;  Close to bed time.  


Educationally, the stories taught the kids to listen, understand the features of a story and that stories have a beginning, middle and end.    These are first of the stories from 2014, and the stories are fairly short.  As the years progressed, the stories got longer and more complex.  We also added in some new songs and by this time, even the "rents"  started to listen.  

I decided to publish the stories.  It's so important for kids to learn to listen, but I'm guessing parenting is still exhausting and finding time to read to the kids can be hard.  So maybe you can upload and play my stories and just sit back and listen.     I have three or four more volumes in the pipeline, and I hope I can get them out to you before the Summer Solstice.    

I look to hear from you.  Enjoy!!

Order and Upload will be ready soon!

*  Nonna.  I'm from Pittsburgh and various cultures took hold on certain words.  Nonna is Italian for Grandmother.  It's the word I used for my Grandmother, whose first name was Osceola.  So I chose "Nonna" for my name.  I took a lot of you-know-what from some of my relatives, not named here, but Nonna it IS.           Pronounced 


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