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Heading 3

This phrase came to me once it looked as if we would be able to acquire the building and make it ready to receive the public.


The phrase seemed to capture everything the school represents. First, the fact that the school was still in place seems incredible. Yes, Time had spent its life there, but there is still Life left in the building.


Second, The folks who built this school had no reason to hope. They'd been slaves after all.

But they, like so many other oppressed people, believed that their lives could change through education.  So the school stood - STANDS- for that belief - not only for themselves, but for their children.


Third, the folks who built that school had no hope of ever seeing all the children who'd attend. They possessed the HOPE that the school could provide the children the life that they themselves were denied.

So when you visit the school, it should buttress your belief that "anything is possible for those who believe; for those who have HOPE."

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